Fighting with Cellulite

How to remove cellulite fast and easy

Mustard is not only a wonderful spice that is used in cooking, but it is also an excellent remedy that fights cellulite. Cellulite – everyone has heard this word. Many girls have encountered this problem – orange peel, as many call it. You can fight it with cosmetic methods, start eating healthy and balanced, and also use traditional methods of treatment and prevention. One of the effective ways to get rid of this problem is mustard wrap. When used, mustard perfectly warms the skin, which helps increase metabolism. The use of mustard wrap is contraindicated for those who suffer from varicose veins, expectant mothers (pregnant), during breastfeeding, who are prone to hypertension, and who have sensitive skin.

How to choose the right mustard for wrapping. We take dry mustard from the store; there is, of course, ready-made mustard, but you shouldn’t use it. Since it contains preservatives, you definitely won’t know its composition. You can be allergic to preservatives, so adding an allergy to problem areas with cellulite was not enough. Before applying mustard to the body, you need to conduct a test on a small area of skin, if it gets too hot, reduce the amount of mustard powder. Let’s start cooking.

To prepare the mixture for wrapping, you will need mustard, salt, apple or wine vinegar, and sugar. Mix two tablespoons of mustard (without a slide) with a pinch of sea or table salt, add half a spoon of vinegar, two spoons of sugar. Add warm water to the resulting mixture so that you get a paste that resembles sour cream in consistency. Apply a thin layer to problem areas of the body, massage a little. After application, wrap the body with cling film, put on warm pants or tights, and lie down under a blanket. Rinse off with warm water after an hour, if the oven is too hot, forty minutes is enough. After wrapping, be sure to apply anti-cellulite cream to the skin. We do wraps ten times every other day.

For those who have very sensitive skin and really want to try mustard wrap, then replace the vinegar with honey. Mix two tablespoons of mustard powder with two tablespoons of honey (heat the honey a little in a water bath), add a little water and a pinch of salt. Apply to problem areas of the skin.

You can also fight unwanted orange peel using blue or black clay. Dilute two tablespoons of clay in warm water until it reaches the consistency of sour cream. Add clay to the above ingredients. The procedure is the same as in the methods described above.

Thanks to mustard, the body warms up and metabolism accelerates. Honey helps eliminate toxins, clay perfectly nourishes the skin with microelements.

Regular use or use of wraps as preventative methods will help get rid of cellulite.

Your body must be perfect.