Hair Care in Winter

How to take care of your hair in winter

Many women consider winter to be the hardest time of year for their hair. Indeed, with the arrival of the first cold weather, hair begins to weaken and thin, and the amount of hair lost is steadily increasing. How to deal with this?

If your main problem during winter is excessive hair loss (exceeds 100-150 per day), then first of all, never neglect hats. There is a misconception that a hat blocks access to oxygen to the hair. In fact, this is a deep misconception. Another mistake is reducing the amount of hair washing. It is a mistake to believe that the fatty film that forms on the scalp will provide protection from cold winds and other harmful factors.

So what can you do to help your hair cope with the cold?

First, try to wash your hair less often than usual. Frequent washing thins the hair and makes it more brittle. The best option is no more than three times a week. A couple of times a week you can massage your head using warm oils. This will help prevent your hair from drying out. You can also visit the online hair cosmetics store, where you will find many effective products in the fight for beautiful and healthy hair.

Secondly, if you have naturally thin hair, do not dye it or expose it to any chemical treatments in the winter. However, at the moment this issue is controversial. There are a number of experts who are convinced that the dye completely changes the structure of the hair, giving it additional protection. But, you see, if there is such an opportunity, then it is better not to risk it and wait a little.

Thirdly, to protect your hair from split ends, don’t be lazy to trim your ends regularly. It is best if you entrust this to a salon specialist. When styling, don’t forget to use a heat protection spray. In winter, it would be most appropriate to use moisturizing mousses, sprays and serums, but fatty products such as wax and lipstick are best left until warm weather.

Fourth, try to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Today, many brands produce series designed specifically for use in winter. In pharmacies you can purchase a complex of vitamins and minerals created specifically to improve the structure of the hair and its nutrition. Winter is the best time to conduct such courses. It is at this time of year that a sufficient amount of nutrients does not come from food. No one has canceled natural cosmetics either! Nourish your hair with masks made from eggs, honey, whey, and various oils.