Lose Belly Fat and Look Sexy

How to Lose Belly Fat and Look Beautiful

7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat with Effectiveness

Removing belly fat is difficult. But finding ways to do this is important for your health! We tell you why this is so, and also share ways to get rid of waist fat with scientifically proven effectiveness.
Why is waist size important?

A thin waist is an important indicator for health. The fact is that with abdominal obesity (fat deposits in the abdominal area), fat accumulates around the internal organs (that is, it is not just subcutaneous fat that is deposited in all other parts of the body). Such #visceral fat disrupts the functioning of internal organs – it synthesizes substances with hormonal activity. This increases the risk:

dysfunction of the sex glands;
cardiovascular diseases;
type 2 diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

You can notice the problem by measuring your waist:

In women, a waist of more than 80 cm should be alarming, and a sure sign of abdominal obesity is a waist of more than 88 cm.
In men, we can talk about abdominal obesity when the waist is more than 102 cm, but you can pay attention and start acting already at a value of 94 cm and above.
Interesting! The relevance of the problem of excess weight is evidenced by statistics, including children’s statistics. According to WHO, in 1975, only 4% of children and adolescents were overweight. By 2016 – already in 18-19% of children aged 5 to 19 years.

We talk about what will help you lose weight in the abdominal area.

#1 – Avoid sugar and sweeteners

Not only sugar is unhealthy, but also various fructose-based sweeteners. It quickly breaks down into glucose and is absorbed into the blood. The accumulation of fat around internal organs can be caused by excessive consumption of not only sweets, but also carbonated drinks, sweet juices, and semi-finished products that contain sugar hidden behind the names: corn syrup, maltose molasses and others.

#2 – Eat more protein

If it is important to lose weight, your diet should contain a lot of protein foods. According to various foreign studies, protein foods in the amount of 25-30% of the daily diet:

reduces hunger by up to 60% and helps you eat up to 450 fewer calories per day;
activates #metabolism;
Helps avoid weight regain after weight loss (yo-yo effect).

#3 – Cut Carbs

This is not about completely giving up carbohydrates – low-carb diets will not benefit health, especially women’s health. But reducing them in the diet leads to:

acceleration of weight loss 2-3 times faster than when limiting fatty foods in the diet;
reducing the amount of visceral fat.

Correct and gradual reduction of carbohydrates looks like this: first you should give up “fast” carbohydrates (sugar, fructose). We gradually reduce other carbohydrate foods – we give up potatoes, pasta, and white rice by 2/3. Fresh vegetables will help replace part of the side dish.

#4 – Increase your fiber intake

Both water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber are important. They slow down the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract and provide a feeling of fullness for a longer time.

Fiber is found in large quantities in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits, and is available in the form of industrial additives.

Important! It is advisable to plan dietary changes with a nutritionist or endocrinologist. Not all methods can be beneficial for existing problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The result of an unbalanced diet can be exacerbation of diseases and digestive disorders.

#5 – Reduce portion sizes

You will have to reduce your portion sizes to lose weight. Even if they are filled with healthy fiber and protein. Everyone has their own concept, so when the goal is to lose weight, you will have to resort to weighing foods and counting calories (at least roughly).

#6 – Stop drinking alcohol

Any type of alcohol increases the load on the #liver. It works to remove ethyl alcohol, which slows down the utilization of glucose. Additionally, alcoholic drinks reduce the production of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. They also increase your #appetite. The result is predictable – losing weight will be more difficult or even impossible.

#7 – Start training

You can lose weight more realistically and quickly with the help of physical activity. What will help you reduce your waist size is not abdominal exercises, as is commonly thought, but other loads as well. Intense training is most effective for lowering blood sugar levels, restoring insulin sensitivity and reducing visceral fat. For example, interval training using the #tabata system – maximum load in a high pulse zone for 20-30 seconds and rest for 10-15 seconds.

Important! People with poor fitness and heart problems need to be careful with such training. If your health is not ideal, chest pain, dizziness and other complaints appear during training, you should stop exercising and consult a doctor.

You can replace interval training with other types of physical activity: brisk walking, swimming, cycling and other calmer sports.

Everything is simple, and you probably know most of the tips. But such simple methods work and will help you remove extra pounds from your waist! And what is more important is to maintain health.