Skin care in Spring

How to take care of skin in spring 2024 

How to look very beautiful in spring 2024 

Spring brings us joy, warmth, new emotions. But at the same time there are new changes – the nervous, hormonal, circulatory systems and many organs are being rebuilt.

The skin is precisely the organ that first encounters unfavorable environmental factors, adapts to the changing seasons, responding to changes in temperature, pressure, humidity and amount of sunlight. Therefore, the change of season, first of all, affects the state of this natural barrier. By properly caring for your skin in the spring, you can help it adapt to new living conditions.

During winter, our body gets used to exposure to ultraviolet radiation in small quantities and the skin becomes pale and dull. And when the amount of sunlight sharply increases in spring, it is a kind of stress for the skin. Excess ultraviolet radiation provokes the launch of oxidative radicals that destroy skin cells and fibers, causing early aging, as well as the appearance of age spots and even often neoplasms.

Therefore, in daily skin care it is important to use creams with ultraviolet filters and antioxidants. These are substances that can prevent the harmful effects of radicals and block their formation. If you visit a solarium, you need to increase the dose of ultraviolet radiation gradually. You also need to keep your facial skin young, because the sun dries it out, which can cause early wrinkles, and deaura cosmetics can do a great job with this.

The lighter the skin, the more protection it needs. If pigmentation has already occurred, it is recommended to use special products to eliminate it.

In the spring, skin cleansing should be done more carefully and gently. It is also necessary to refrain from intensive cleansing and polishing, because such procedures significantly increase the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

Dry skin especially suffers in spring. Quite delicate and thin by nature, genetically it is not capable of producing a sufficient amount of moisturizing factors.

With oily skin, damage to the hydrolipid mantle may also occur. The most common cause is when the skin becomes dry under the influence of aggressive cleansing products, for example, in the fight against excess oil. Thus, every skin needs hydration. Hydration is the ability to transfer the necessary moisture to the skin or, on the contrary, to prevent its excessive loss.

The most common care products that help moisturize the skin are creams and, of course, masks.