What is Russian Manicure?

What is a “Russian manicure” and why is it popular among foreign stars?

For us, “Russian manicure” is an everyday service that we can get in almost any salon. But for Americans, this is a new manicure technique that appeared quite recently but has managed to conquer many. A video of an American woman who went to a Russian manicure for a manicure and was delighted with the quality of the services went viral on social networks.

What is a “Russian manicure”?

In the West, as a rule, “Russian manicure” is understood as a combined treatment of the cuticle (using a machine, nippers or scissors). This method allows you to achieve a super clean result: without pterygium residue and with polished ridges.

In Europe and the USA, many consider hardware processing to be dangerous, since if used incorrectly, it can seriously harm the client. And for them, trimmed manicure is an invasive procedure that requires a medical “crust” from a specialist. Because of this, specialists simply push back the cuticle with a wooden stick.

In Russia, of course, they also understand all the risks and are attentive to compliance with hygiene measures. Many salons use disposable files, sticks and buffs, and other instruments are first sterilized in a special solution and then in dry heat.

What else is surprising about “Russian manicure”?

Abroad, clients rarely choose gel polish. Mostly everyone does a manicure without coating or simple polish. This is due to low-quality materials and inability of craftsmen.

The procedure in the West usually goes like this: the master shapes the nail, then pushes back the cuticle and coats it with varnish. In “Russian manicure” everything is not so simple. To achieve the ideal effect, it consists of several stages:

preparation of the nail bed;


cuticle treatment;

alignment of the nail plate, creation of nail architecture with a “highlight”;

applying color.

Since the polish is applied directly under the cuticle, the manicure looks fresh longer.

Why is everyone a fan of “Russian manicure”?

Because of its neatness and quality, “Russian manicure” quickly became very popular. One of the most fashionable salons in Los Angeles belongs to Lisa Cohn. She is a Russian nail artist. And among her regular clients are world stars: Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, Kourtney Kardashian, Rita Ora and many others.

An on-site manicure from Lisa herself now costs $1,000 (approximately 88 thousand rubles). And two points in the USA bring her 40–60 thousand dollars a month (approximately from 3.5 to 5.5 million rubles).