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A stone shot in the windshield has meant that you need to quickly find someone who can repair car windows. You pick up the phone and Google, and information about a couple of different businesses nearby pops up on the screen. Opening hours, directions, and phone number. Why these particular companies? And why not others? Your geographic position has a big impact on the results of your search. Regardless of which browser you use, which search engine you turn to or what you search for, the position has a decisive importance for what comes up on your screen. It has proven to be very important that you, as a company, are made visible in these local searches.

In this way, you can reach those who are currently searching for the product or service that you offer.

One of the market’s leading tools for disseminating information to local customers is called Google My Business.


There is no doubt that the vast majority of people search online when they want to find a company in a particular industry. Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that aims to help businesses and organizations become more visible in the local search results. When a potential customer who is nearby searches for the particular goods or services that the company in question offers, they naturally want to be one of the first names that appear on the screen. This is a proven effective way to reach new customers, and show why my company is a better option than the competition. In fact, in most industries, it has proven to be the most important place to be seen for success. Does it sound good? GMB is also completely free to use!

Google My Business is simply about local search engine optimization. The tool has, in the years it’s been around, completely changed the terms of digital marketing. Today it should be a matter of course. If you run a business, you must use GMB to be seen and heard. Without this, you risk being overshadowed by your competitors, as you will rarely be the first choice in the search results. It is also important to ensure that the information on your Google page is up-to-date and optimized. For example, there are few things more irritating than businesses that have closed when the information on Google says they should be open. An updated and correct page directs local traffic to the company, whether you want to direct them to the website or to the physical premises.


It is certainly free to use Google My Business, but the accessibility means on the other hand that the competition is great. In order to successfully reach ahead of the competition in this type of local search, you need to make sure that Google gets what they want. And if there is something that we at Drwebseo are experts at, it is knowing both the pitfalls and opportunities of the world’s largest search engine by far. We have long experience of working with this tool at Google. Over the years, large and small companies in many different industries have taken our help when they want to rank higher in the search results.

When you as a customer take part of our service for Google My Business, we make sure to create the content needed for your business to succeed. At the first contact, we perform an analysis of your company, your competitors and the industry. We are responsive and happy to receive specific requests regarding which keywords and search phrases the company itself wants to perform highly on. The more information and requests we receive from the customer, the better job we can do! The most important thing to remember when working with GMB is that the information given about the company matches: 1) Those on the website, and 2) Those that match reality. Contact information, directions, business description, services, opening hours and address are some of the information that must be constantly updated in order to gain and maintain customer trust.

Google My Business can be a very effective tool for those who want to reach high in local search engine optimization. But the work must be combined with other types of communication and marketing. A well-executed job with GMB depends on an appealing graphic identity, correct and well-formulated texts and a reliable and well-arranged website. At Drwebseo, we have a breadth of digital media that allows us to help your company improve communication in every way. It is a strong contributing factor to why we manage to perform well when working with GMB for our clients.

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