Instagram Profile Optimization

8 steps to SEO optimization of your Instagram profile

Imagine an ordinary situation – you go to the Google search bar and look for something you need. If 10 years ago everything you wanted appeared on the first page, then in 2019 only what is really necessary is shown. This is possible thanks to properly configured optimization.

Now something similar is happening on Instagram. Why this is needed and how to properly optimize your profile for search engines, you will learn in this article.
Why does your Instagram account need SEO?
SEO promotion on Instagram is divided into several stages:
1 First, you analyze your niche.
2 Afterwards, an individual promotion strategy is developed.
3 The account is filled with useful and interesting content.
4 Promotion itself occurs.
This informal community has a huge number of paying clients. Clients have various interests. Website optimization advancement will assist you with finding a dependable crowd that will buy into you. Later on, they can be transformed into genuine clients.
Last year, Quintly analyzed nearly 45,000 business accounts on Instagram and found the following data:
distribution of accounts by number of followers on Instagram
As you can see, most accounts have less than 100,000 followers. And only 4.1% of profiles have an audience of 1,000,000 people. To achieve this result, you need to properly promote your account.

In addition to appearing in the Instagram search bar itself, proper optimization will push your posts to the top of Google: