Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction

Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction Poland

Light Measure Steel Edge is a development innovation that involves cold-shaped steel as the essential development material.

LSTK construction technology

The construction of houses made of LSTK is regulated by SP 260.1325800.2016 “Thin-walled steel structures made of cold-formed galvanized profiles and corrugated sheets.”

The technology involves reducing the cost and speeding up the construction process of low-rise budget houses and industrial buildings.

LSTK elements can be used as independent load-bearing structures, or combined with wood, brick, and reinforced concrete.

The basis for the construction of LSTK buildings is a post-and-beam frame made of galvanized rolled steel, filled with heat-insulating materials. The type and thickness of insulation is selected depending on the climatic conditions of the construction region.

A vapor barrier membrane is installed on the premises side to protect the insulation from steam and humidity penetrating from the premises. On the outside, the heat-insulating material is covered with a windproof film that protects the insulation from external atmospheric influences.