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SEO experts who listen to your needs
We are an experienced and personal SEO agency in Örnsköldsvik who are passionate about search engine optimization. Our watchwords are transparency and real results.

We listen to your needs and propose a solution that is adapted to your business and your company’s challenges. Get in touch if you want to talk about marketing or SEO in Örnsköldsvik. Most of them find a home with us.

Why SEO?

If you don’t see, you don’t exist

Do you think that you are currently seen too poorly when customers google your most important and most business-related keywords?


An ever-increasing number of individuals are utilizing Google to track down administrations and items. With the help of SEO in Örnsköldsvik, your organization can show up high in google search the list of items when potential clients look for what you bring to the table – and you can subsequently expand benefits and catch new clients.

What makes search engine optimization an effective marketing channel is that your website comes into contact with the customer when they themselves search for your products or services. In other words, the traffic is targeted and the customers are already interested in what you have to offer.

Rank higher on Google in Örnsköldsvik

With SEO, your company appears high in the search results when someone searches for relevant keywords or search phrases. If you do not appear high in the search results, you lose visitors to competitors.

Increase profitability

SEO puts companies at the center of customers’ buying behavior on Google (and other search engines).

Expose the brand

More people want to do research before buying and start online. Take the chance to influence customers already in the search results!

Measurable results

It is possible to measure exactly which keywords or search phrases generate purchases or leads. We focus on your website, while you can focus fully on your business.

SEO Agency Örnsköldsvik

Why choose us?

We are transparent with our customers and work continuously with feedback. We believe in an open dialogue, and share ideas, setbacks and successes. We believe in what we do, and for us it is important that our customers also believe in us.

We are SEO geeks who love to analyze data. We constantly want to achieve better results for our customers – and to do this we have built our own analysis systems. We therefore dare to stick our chin out and say that we take nerdiness to the next level and always go the extra mile.


We take a long-term view of all our assignments and carry out all our tasks with long-term intentions. We know that SEO is a long-term process that doesn’t happen overnight.


We are passionate about search engine optimization and want to do a good job. Therefore, selectivity is very important to us, and we only take on cases where we know we can make a difference.

What are Website design enhancement and Site improvement?

SEO Site improvement, Website design enhancement, or Site improvement as it is brought in English, is an aggregate name for the different strategies and methods used to make a site naturally show up as high as feasible for business-related watchwords in the query items on Google. To some degree, site improvement includes driving natural traffic to the site, as opposed to paid showcasing as commercials by means of web search tools.

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Why hire us for search engine optimization in Örnsköldsvik?

To be successful with search engine optimization, it is important to be able to analyze and understand what a website needs. In contact with us at Svensk Mediabevakning, we help you by first reviewing your business and website and then making a well-thought-out strategic plan for what is optimal for successful SEO work.

Adaptation according to your conditions
Safe and clear processes
Implementation with you that leads to results
Genuine interest in you as a customer
High-quality online meetings
Clear technical project planning

SEO analysis

Do a quick & free analysis of your website.

Do you need a consultation? Do you want to rank at the top of Google? Welcome to contact us. We help with advice and possible cooperation proposals. There are no purchase requirements. At Svensk Mediabevakning, you always get full support all the way. 

Our final tip is to ask us for a free quote in the form. Then one of our experienced SEO consultants will analyze your site from an SEO perspective and suggest what you should do to improve your results on Google. If you then choose to take our help to achieve this, we will of course be extra happy