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Search Engine Optimization SEO in Czech Republic

Text optimization for search engines – text writing or corrections in order to make it more understandable for both the visitor and the search engine.

Since search engines work (and will work) on the principle of text understanding – properly prepared website content will always help to attract more visitors.

Some people mistakenly understand the optimization of texts as only “saturating” those texts with keywords. This is not entirely true, text optimization for search engines is the preparation of both individual specific texts and the entirety of the site’s texts for the searcher and the search engine (in layman’s terms – so that the visitor finds the answer to what he is looking for, and Google understands that exactly that (searched for) information and is on your website).


Properly executed copy optimization can improve a site’s position for specific keywords or increase the amount of keywords that a site matches. Higher positions for existing keywords = more visitors, more keywords in total = more visitors. Properly selected or prepared landing pages = better conversion rate (turning a visitor into a customer or fulfilling a website goal).

Content optimization in Czech Republic
Website content is not just textual information. Content includes visual and video content. Optimizing content should optimize all content types.

Optimizing textual content for the Google search engine
When optimizing content on a website, it is important to determine which specific page it belongs to. Once established, the following is recommended for handling:

text content of the page;
link names (anchor);
heading names;
meta titles of pages;
meta descriptions of pages;
Textual content is one of the most important SEO tools. When optimizing the content of the website, it should be done in the correct Lithuanian language and not to increase the number of repetitions of keywords in the content.
When managing website links, it is necessary not only to detect and remove broken links (with a 404 error), but also to organize the anchor texts of working links by using keywords in them.

Header titles, like page Meta titles, also have a significant impact on optimizing the textual information of a website. They tell visitors and search engines what a particular page of the website is about. If the title is important, you can use its additional repetition in browser tabs (English tab), or using it as a priority place in the text of heading titles (with H1, H2, H3 tags).

Meta descriptions are included in Google search results. They complement the meta title information, describe what the specific content of the website page is about. When preparing the meta description, it is recommended to use a marketing message that encourages the visitor to enter the website. In some cases, a good Meta title can make a difference in driving potential customers to a website, even with lower keyword positions in the SERPs.


Optimizing visual content for the Google search engine in Czech Republic
Often, not only textual information, but also images are searched for on the Internet based on a certain keyword, so the visual content of the website must also be optimized for search engines. I.e. an image file on a website must match a specific search keyword. By optimizing images and photos, a website’s image files can appear in Google’s web and image search results, even if the website’s textual content is not yet found in the SERPs. Image and photo ALT tags, file names, and location are managed to achieve higher image results.

The ALT tag is used to describe the image before it is displayed due to a slow user’s Internet connection, if the website page cannot be loaded and rendered, if the software used to read the website is designed for visually impaired users.

File names are also recommended to be optimized as they provide contextual information about how the image relates to the content of the website page. Website image file names should use keywords for which the website is being optimized.

The file size on the website must be properly adjusted so that when there are more files on the website, they do not slow down the loading speed of the website, which could lead to a decrease in the position of the website in Google search results. 

SEO Video optimization for Google search engine in Czech Republic
Before starting to optimize your video files, it is recommended to create an optimized channel on a video hosting site (like: Video file names should not only be keyword-rich, but also useful for your audience’s followers. Video file descriptions should communicate what the video is about. The video description contains a helpful link to a website page related to the video content.

Before uploading video files, it is recommended to select keyword title and description tags for them. The added value of a post is created when it is viewed on a website page without going to the post’s channel (eg: YouTube). This will count the time visitors spend watching videos as time spent on the site.
It is recommended to use keywords in video file names, as well as in photo and image file names.

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