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SEO in Zimbabwe (English Zimbabwe [zɪmˈbɑːbweɪ]), official name Republic of Zimbabwe, until 1979 the Republic of Rhodesia is a state in the southern piece of the African mainland, between Victoria Falls, the Zambezi and Limpopo streams. It borders South Africa in the south, Mozambique in the east, Botswana in the west and Zambia in the north, and is landlocked.

The name of the nation demonstrates its progression according to the primary state an on this area of the Monomotapa Realm, whose capital was Extraordinary Zimbabwe, and the fundamental populace was the Gokomere public, the progenitors of the now predominant Shona.

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SEO Zimbabwe

What is website SEO promotion

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Website promotion is the process of bringing a website to the first page of search engine results for certain queries in a certain region.

Promotion takes some time as search engines spend time indexing and ranking the site and do so on their own schedule.

You will track your site’s position in the Allpositions service. You will see how our work improves your business.

The rate at which a site’s rankings grow depends on the quality and age of the site, the activity of competitors and internal factors of search engines.

Bringing an average website in an average competitive environment to the first page of search takes 3-6 months.
Benefits of working with us
For a search engine to place a site on the first page, it must believe that the site is better than thousands of other sites. The job of an SEO specialist (promotion specialist) is to demonstrate to the search engine that your website is better than others.

To achieve this goal, we are carrying out the following work:
Internal optimization

Internal optimization is technical work with the site code to make corrections to the site, add special markup for search engines, specify page titles and descriptions, process text and graphic information, improve site performance and much more.

See below what we will do for your website:

Selection of the semantic core (SC)
Site analysis
Ease of use of websites (usability)
Competitor analysis
Site administration

External optimization

If internal optimization is directly related to the site, then external optimization is work with third-party sites that influence your site.

See below what we will do to strengthen your online business:

Link profile optimization
Expanding audience reach
Search engines
search engine logos

The goal of promotion is to reach as many users as possible. Therefore, we promote the site in search engines common in the region. In Harare, Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Mutare.


The cost of website promotion (promotion) depends on the quality of the website, competition in your field, and the number of requests being promoted.

At the beginning of each month, we plan the scope of work and coordinate it with you. At the end of the month we sum up the results and plan for the next month.

The minimum promotion cost is 500 Belarusian rubles (BYN) per month

To find out the cost of promoting your website, please indicate in your application contact information, website address, sample requests, and previous promotion experience.
Website promotion results

Growth of site positions

The site’s position increases to the top ten (TOP10). The visibility of the site increases, it becomes available for related requests.
Increase in the flow of visitors (traffic) to the site

The flow of visitors from search engines is increasing. The site begins to “intercept” customers from your competitors.
Increase in orders and sales

Your salespeople increase revenue and reduce the cost of attracting customers. Increase the number of repeat sales.

We guarantee the quality of our work. To do this, we provide detailed performance reports, showing where improvements have occurred and how those improvements make you money.

In our work, we set and achieve specific indicators (KPI). You understand what you are paying for and how much the investment pays off.