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In the digital media landscape of 2021, the conditions for marketing look different than they did just a few years ago. The flow of information and the amount of stories is constantly increasing. Companies and organizations have come to focus more on what is called Corporate storytelling than on the product or service they deliver.

The clients’ center is shared, as they need both great items/administrations and an organization that addresses their inclinations. The customers of 2021 say: “Yes, you may make very good and cheap hamburgers. But what do you stand for?”. It is predicted that the trend around storytelling will continue to increase. In order to make themselves relevant in the competition in the digital arena, it is therefore of the utmost importance that companies think about their story and their role in the present and future.


Multilingual Copywriting Services

All companies and organizations have a story. It can be about where you come from, what values you are based on and where you are going. With the right methods, the story can form an extremely important part of the brand and the business. Stories are portrayed with the help of a professional copywriter. Copywriting is about an aptitude for knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it and to whom to say it. In Biz Media’s team there are people with great and broad knowledge of the written word. People who, with the help of text, can highlight your unique story.

Copywriting services is fundamentally about marketing in the form of written text. It is not an independent service, but it is strongly connected with graphic identity and other fundamental parts of influencing communication. Just like for the graphic designer, the copywriter’s role is about building a stronger brand for the client. Text production is a multi-step art. A professional writer must take the company’s message and voice from the very first idea stage, through to outline and argumentation, and down to the smallest wording and choice of words. In order to succeed in getting your message across, you need content that arouses commitment on the part of the recipient. Customers must be able to identify with the text and feel that the sender understands them and vice versa. The text must touch the recipient regardless of whether you are creating content to sell, to inform or to form an opinion.

How does Drwebseo work with copywriting?

Our services in Copywriting largely permeate all other services that we offer. Biz Media’s professional writers arrange for your message to be impactful, clear and well told, regardless of whether you are looking for text for a website, for content marketing, for social media, for advertisements or for any other type of written marketing. We take your ideas and create text that appeals to your target group. Text that tells you who you are and what you want to do.

Just as with all types of communication, there is no ready-made template that tells us what characterizes good copywriting. It would have been an easy solution because text can be complicated and difficult, but this is not the case. Amount of text, tonality and linguistic embellishment are entirely dependent on the situation of the specific company. At Biz Media, we therefore always work with extensive preliminary work when we are faced with an assignment in copywriting. In the first stage of the collaboration, the writer and the client meet and discuss the layout of the work. The writer asks questions about the company and the organization. The questions that are asked are of course different depending on the case, but it can for example be about questions relating to future plans, target image, brand personality and competition. In short, the interview (or conversation) is about gathering as much information as possible about the customer’s situation. The strategy for the text work begins to take shape in this first conversation between copywriter and client.

After the interview with the client, the copywriter goes to his chamber and continues with the work. Reading through the customer’s existing material (provided such exists) and research into the industry and competitors can be on the agenda. When the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, it is then time to get thoughts and ideas down in writing. The text is based on three important principles for persuasive communication. First of all, it must be correct, that is, free from fabrications or overly exaggerated exaggerations. Furthermore, it must be comprehensible in the eyes of the recipient. One should neither underestimate nor overestimate the reader, but use language that gets through. Finally, the text must be appropriate based on the given situation, the channel and the surrounding conditions.

Biz Media’s writers are experts in building different types of persuasive text for our clients. However, it must be remembered that the people who know most about which content best matches the company’s personality and soul are the representatives of the company themselves. We therefore always match the texts we produce with the customer in question, so that the spirit of what we say is completely in line with the customer’s expectations.

SEO Content: how are they different from regular ones?

Anyone can write text for a website! And no additional research is needed. This is a waste of money and time. If you think so, then this article is for you.

Not many people understand how regular text differs from SEO articles. But in fact, there are many moments hidden here that usually no one thinks about. Nobody except copywriters and SEO specialists.

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So, let’s look at 10 distinctive features of an SEO article:

1. Uniqueness – search engines often require uniqueness of at least 75-80%. That is, you cannot simply copy someone else’s text or pieces from it. You need to write it yourself, with a deep study of the material (otherwise the user will no longer be interested).
2. A title that reveals the essence of the content – for a search engine, you need to insert the main key into the title, to create intrigue for the user. The title is highlighted with the h1 tag.
3. Brief description – the title should be no more than 300 characters and at the same time reveal the main essence of the content.
4. Subheadings – make it easier for the user to assimilate information, and also add a ranking when indexing. There is a rule: for every 2000 characters you need at least 1 heading. Subheadings are highlighted with tags from h2 to h6. Don’t forget about the keys – they should be at least in the h2 tag.
5. The presence of paragraphs again simplifies the perception of information and improves ranking (with continuous text it is weak). The paragraph should consist of 3-5 sentences. Sometimes more is possible.
6. Tracking the level of nausea in texts – this indicator is also reflected by some anti-plagiarism programs. Nausea is determined by the presence or absence of systematic repetitions of the same word. Classic nausea shows how often one word is repeated. academic – percentage of repetition of the most frequent words.
7. Minimum water is another important indicator. It refers to unnecessary information that is often found in texts in order to increase their volume. In artistic works its presence is the norm. But for SEO articles it needs to be shortened.
8. Keys – we have already mentioned them in previous paragraphs. Key phrases are one of the most important attributes of high-quality texts for websites. Keys are the most popular user requests on a particular topic. There must be at least 1 element with a key per 1000 characters.
9. The semantic core should reflect the essence of the material. The core is compiled before the article is written and contains the very keys that need to be included in the article.
10. Using highlights – highlighting text in bold, italics, etc. not only simplifies the perception of the text, but also simplifies indexing.

Writing a good #SEO article takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals.

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